Amethyst Hello Kitty Speakers

IMG_0199在机场发现这只很可爱的hello kitty
无辜的眼神超吸引人 把她抬回家 Amethyst Hello Kitty Speakers
可以把心爱的iPhone或是iPod擦在上头 就可以一边充电一边听歌咯

Amethyst也有除了hello kitty之外的小猪猪 小鬼等的创意造型

觉得女生们都会喜欢Hello Kitty吧~看看她的功能 (

  • Product Features:


  • Universal cradle compatible with all iPod and iPhone



  • Multifunction remote control included (on/off button, tracks switch, volume control, bass or treb adjust, mute button etc.)



  • Hands free function compatible with iPhone



  • Recharge automatically iPod/iPhone when they are docked



  • Built-in extra subwoofer for an ultra-powerful sound




  • Amplifier output power: 15W



  • Amplifier SNR: 82dB



  • Frequency response: 80Hz-20KHz



  • Touch volume control on the ears



  • Audio input for other audio source use



  • Power supply with UK and Europe plug



  • Made for iPhone & iPod


下次iPod iPhone要找个家时 或者可以考虑这可爱的Hello Kitty啦~

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