YES, I’m BACK~!!

sorry for all… to keep you waiting..

it has been a looooooooong while since my last post.
I’d received some emails from you, you and you
some asking about Greece, some abt London and some…..       abt me

wanna say “thank you” to those who concern, who care, who has visited my blog
especially those who come to my blog almost everyday, even though there was no post.

really, thanks for your support *sob sob*

I’m perfectly fine, couldn’t be better *smile*
it was one of the most amazing holidays I’ve ever had

yes, I promise, new series are coming up ( pls allow some time for sorting few GB of photos~)
it was fantastic *firework*

I’m just a creature happily living on the earth.

有漂亮 现实 浪漫 喧哗 经典 梦幻 天方夜谭 自然 霓虹 沙滩 月亮 椰林
太多 太傅 太少 太美


****************SNEAK PREVIEW**************

Sipadan, Sabah-探索海底世界之美



The Magnificant – Universal Studios Singapore


天堂般的传说中的 – 浪漫马尔代夫岛屿

pls stay tune, dinner will be served soon.

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