Greece Itinerary 大公开

常常会收到读者的email 询问关于希腊的旅程
就直接在这里整合 公开

London > Athens > Santorini
Santorini > Athens > London

London-Athens : EasyJet (check here for ticket price)
Athens- Santorini: Ferry ard 3 hours (check here for ticket price)

Santorini has an airport, alternatively may take a flight directly to Santorini (e.g: Aegean Airlines, EasyJet)

My journey:
Athens 2 nights (First night & last night)
Santorini 2 nights

Athens –>
Santorini  @ OIA–>

For Malaysian visa is NOT required

Rent Car/Motor @ Santorini
Check here for price

Food strongly recommend:
Greek salads & olive oil
Greek Coffee
Greek moussaka
Greek kebabs

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5 thoughts on “Greece Itinerary 大公开

  1. 我喜欢的国家之一。。不懂几时才有机会去T^T。。目的也是去拍照啦。。我看我有机会去也lao kok kok了,照片也不好看了。。嘻嘻嘻!!

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